Perfect Waffle Recipe

Heylo! Heylo! Dropping in to add a recipe to the blog after a long time. It's been a slow season in the kitchen these past few months. But when we perfect a recipe, we're more than excited to share it with our readers. To be fair though, you will need to invest in a waffle... Continue Reading →

Isle of Skye, A Piece of Scottish Heaven

Day 1 Having travelled the circuit from Edinburgh-Dundee-Aberdeen-Elgin-Inverness, we made our way into the Kyle of Localsh. This town is the entry point to the stunning Isle of Skye. After a long day of driving and the rain Gods pouring down on us through most of the drive, we needed to refuel ourselves. We stopped... Continue Reading →

A Dram of Scotch, The Glenlivet Tour!

We are whisky lovers, we are in the land of Scotch whisky and we have the whole array of distilleries to choose from and lay our hands on the world's best spirits! We had planned a wonderful day in the Cairngorms National Park which houses a bunch of the world famous Distilleries. To start off... Continue Reading →

Hinterlands of the Highlands

When we planned to visit Scotland, most of the trip reviews and blogs that we went through had itineraries for the popular destinations. We had built up Scotland so much in our heads over the years that we just had to leave no stone unturned. So we decided to explore every side of Scotland with or... Continue Reading →

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