Healthy & Creamy Pumpkin Sauce Pasta (Vegan)

Jump to Recipe We are always looking for healthy, yet tasty alternatives of our favourite foods. Experimenting with different flavours is something that we enjoy and don't mind being guinea pigs for it! During this lock down, we've had the chance to try some interesting flavours like pumpkin and sweet potato which can easily replace... Continue Reading →

White Sauce Pasta With A Twist!

Adding an interesting twist to the regular white sauce pasta! Also includes the recipe to my classic white sauce. This one is so easy and impressive, everyone from first-timers to seasoned cooks will love it!

Mac ‘n Cheese

Mac 'n Cheese is a classic American dish, loved world-over. And my household is no different! My little sister is a crazy fan of this dish, so are my best friends and the hubby, is always up for it. I have made different variants of the classic version. But here I'm sharing the homely, baked,... Continue Reading →

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