An Ode to my Grandparents

Some Relationships are a Privilege of Your Birth Warm, innocent smilesExtra tight hugs,Always remembering to make your favourite dish,Being brazenly proud of your most trivial achievements,Filling your childhood with unending love, kisses and happiness... Grandparents are the best gift one can get. My oldest memory with them is a faded one, it's of Tatha and... Continue Reading →

Pictures in the Time of Fast Travel

Walking through the cobbled streets of Europe, with every street corner calling out for a photo opportunity. Click,Filter,Share,Forget. An afternoon by the banks of the Beas river in Manali. Selfie 1, Selfie 2, Selfie 3...Selfie 3 looks good!Check -in " enjoying in Manali"200 likes!!Momentary joy, moving on. Today, there is something called photo etiquette in... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Baking

On a warm Sunday afternoon, the smell of freshly baked muffins fill my kitchen and crawl into the living room where Rahul is watching TV. He is in fact patiently waiting for the oven to ping! We've spent all afternoon, making some delicious batter, discussing how much cinnamon is too much and finally testing a... Continue Reading →

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