White Sauce Pasta With A Twist!

Adding an interesting twist to the regular white sauce pasta! Also includes the recipe to my classic white sauce. This one is so easy and impressive, everyone from first-timers to seasoned cooks will love it!

Wheat Pancakes

Pancakes are our go-to breakfasts on Sundays. It's usually a 11 a.m. eat. So we can stuff ourselves and laze around in the afternoon, not having to worry about cooking lunch! It's a super easy, healthy and sort of indulgent dish depending on the topping 🙂 Update: We've just tried out an amazing version with... Continue Reading →

Mac ‘n Cheese

Mac 'n Cheese is a classic American dish, loved world-over. And my household is no different! My little sister is a crazy fan of this dish, so are my best friends and the hubby, is always up for it. I have made different variants of the classic version. But here I'm sharing the homely, baked,... Continue Reading →

Turkish Menemen

As you guys know, we are big fans of eggs! We've even added a section on eggs (very ambitiously, I must say) on our blog 😀 One of our all time, absolute favorites is the Turkish Menemen. Now I know that a lot of people confuse it with Shakshuka. But the modern version of these... Continue Reading →

Open-faced Low-Calorie Green Sandwich

I'm a big big fan of breads! I can survive on them forever. But, being equally health conscious I have had to find ways to maintain a balanced diet while still including breads in my meals. That's where open-faced sandwiches come to my rescue. I reduce the number of bread slices and add healthy toppings... Continue Reading →

Za’atar Rice – Middle Eastern Delight

Like I said in the About MilesBitesandSoul section, I've grown up on a variety of food, but travelling has exposed me to even more varieties. In this case though, I can't thank Rahul enough for introducing me to this Magic Spice of Arabia (ok, I may be getting carried away here :P) Since I've tasted it, Za'atar has... Continue Reading →

The Best Tzatziki Recipe Ever !

Many cultures around the world have versions of curd or yogurt based dips or sides. In India, we have raita!  But Tzatziki, my dear friends is not to be confused or interchanged with raita. Tzatziki, is a heavenly side that adds a punch of flavour, acidity and balance to a dish. I pair it with my classic Za'atar Rice Recipe.... Continue Reading →

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