Fluffy Lemon Pancakes

Pancakes are an absolute weekend favorite in our household! I usually end up whipping up a batch with whatever flavours I have handy. This time it was a bunch of fresh and vibrant lemon peels! All you need to up the aroma and taste, is an zest from a whole lemon. For getting that perfect... Continue Reading →

Sweet Mango Curry (Mambazham Kootan)

Jump to recipe Mangoes are love!! They're versatile, come in a number of varieties and make for a delicious flavour not only in desserts, but in savoury dishes too. If you haven't discovered the joy of sweet mangoes with red chilies, then you're up for a treat! Also if you've found your pick of fresh... Continue Reading →

Mushroom in Kashmiri Yakhni Gravy

A special recipe from the pristine valleys of Kashmir. This recipe is credited partly to a Kashmiri acquaintance, my obsession of ordering Nadru (lotus steam) in Yakhni gravy at every opportunity and my research of various blogs and write ups on Yakhni gravy and its evolution from Turkish/Greek cuisine to Kashmiri cuisine. A slow cooked dish, without the strong masalas, Indianized over time, yet maintaining its origins, that's Yakhni Gravy for you. My version is sans any onion or garlic.

Bhutanese Dish: Ema Datshi

Jump to Recipe As much as a picture transports you back to a destination, we feel, so does the distinct taste of a dish. Recipes from our travels have been our way of collecting travel memorabilia. We love learning a local recipe on our travels and making our own take on it. Experimenting with flavours... Continue Reading →

Healthy & Creamy Pumpkin Sauce Pasta (Vegan)

Jump to Recipe We are always looking for healthy, yet tasty alternatives of our favourite foods. Experimenting with different flavours is something that we enjoy and don't mind being guinea pigs for it! During this lock down, we've had the chance to try some interesting flavours like pumpkin and sweet potato which can easily replace... Continue Reading →

Yummiest Banana Pancakes (Eggless and with Egg)

Jump to Recipe If you thought that pancakes are the stuff of expensive ready-to-make mixes or hotel buffets, then think again! Our version of these beautiful Banana babies is as delicious as they get.Made with ingredients easily available at home and with both eggless and egg versions. 🥞🥞🥞 Ohh the sweet smell of pancakes 🥰... Continue Reading →

At-Home Thai Green Curry!

Hey there folks, here's the answer to every potluck and every fancy date night dinner and every special family lunch!! This recipe does demand some specific ingredients, but nowadays you can even find it at your vegetable vendor. Some departmental stores also have a chopped up, ready-to-make kits enough for one meal. The quality of... Continue Reading →

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