Protein-packed Peanut Butter Cookies

Jump to Recipe Lately, I've been experimenting a lot with healthy cookie recipes. Though neither of us crave snacks on regular working weekdays, lock down and working from home has affected our food habits. If you haven't tried our Ragi-Cocoa Cookies yet, check it out here Given that we are also working out, protein snacks... Continue Reading →

Swedish Kladdkaka – Sticky Chocolate Cake

Jump to Recipe This dessert has a fun story to it! We were watching MasterChef Australia where Khanh, one of the contestants mentioned about a '30 minute' Swedish Chocolate Cake. His description of it being not only a quick bake, but a crowd-pleaser too, had Rahul sprinting into the kitchen! He challenged himself to bake... Continue Reading →

Bhutanese Dish: Ema Datshi

Jump to Recipe As much as a picture transports you back to a destination, we feel, so does the distinct taste of a dish. Recipes from our travels have been our way of collecting travel memorabilia. We love learning a local recipe on our travels and making our own take on it. Experimenting with flavours... Continue Reading →

Healthy & Creamy Pumpkin Sauce Pasta (Vegan)

Jump to Recipe We are always looking for healthy, yet tasty alternatives of our favourite foods. Experimenting with different flavours is something that we enjoy and don't mind being guinea pigs for it! During this lock down, we've had the chance to try some interesting flavours like pumpkin and sweet potato which can easily replace... Continue Reading →

Mango Tea Cake (Vegan / Eggless)

Jump to Recipe Eggless Mango Tea Cake What comes to mind when you hear "Indian Summer"? Mangoes would definitely make the top 5 of that list! We love mangoes so much that we make mango versions of everything - ice creams, sheera, milk shakes, shrikhands and the list goes on. We, too, want to celebrate... Continue Reading →

Season’s Special – Mango Cheesecake

Jump To Recipe Cheesecake are all the modern day rage !! It's a gourmet item, that is expensive but definitely hits the heightened senses of your palate. Cheesecakes are also perfect for those who enjoy the fruity side of cakes rather than just the plain old chocolate ones. If baking a cheesecake in your own... Continue Reading →

Yummiest Banana Pancakes (Eggless and with Egg)

Jump to Recipe If you thought that pancakes are the stuff of expensive ready-to-make mixes or hotel buffets, then think again! Our version of these beautiful Banana babies is as delicious as they get.Made with ingredients easily available at home and with both eggless and egg versions. 🥞🥞🥞 Ohh the sweet smell of pancakes 🥰... Continue Reading →

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