Open-faced Low-Calorie Green Sandwich

I'm a big big fan of breads! I can survive on them forever. But, being equally health conscious I have had to find ways to maintain a balanced diet while still including breads in my meals. That's where open-faced sandwiches come to my rescue. I reduce the number of bread slices and add healthy toppings... Continue Reading →

How to Get Perfectly Poached Eggs!

Poached eggs are among the best ways to have eggs. It is cooked without any butter or oil, usually has herbs for flavour and is a filling meal or snack. Our love for Eggs Benedict also fueled the need to learn how to poach eggs at home. Till recently, we would only eat poached eggs... Continue Reading →

Evergreen Peas Soup

This is my go-to soup not just on days that I want eat a healthy light meal, but also want to satiate my palate! Try it and you'll know what I'm talking about. It can as easily become a gourmet dish as it can manifest into a homely, comforting meal. As always, my soup recipes... Continue Reading →

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