Season’s Special – Mango Cheesecake

Jump To Recipe Cheesecake are all the modern day rage !! It's a gourmet item, that is expensive but definitely hits the heightened senses of your palate. Cheesecakes are also perfect for those who enjoy the fruity side of cakes rather than just the plain old chocolate ones. If baking a cheesecake in your own... Continue Reading →

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever!

Having tried various recipes from some stalwarts, I've finally arrived at the perfect chocolate cake recipe! Rich, moist and as chocolate-y as it gets! Plus a Bonus Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe you'll love 😀

Almond Choco Cookie-wich

Ingredients For the Cookie Confectioners' sugar - 100 gmsAlmond flour - 250 gmsEgg whites - from 3 eggsSalt - 1/8 tspCaster sugar - 20 gmsCocoa powder (unsweetened) - 30 gms For the Filling Cream Cheese (softened) - 250 gmsButter (unsalted & softened) - 100 gmsConfectioner's Sugar - 150- 200 gms (if the frosting is loose, add more)Salt... Continue Reading →

Boondi Ladoos

Festivals fill our houses with the fragrant smells of cardamom, toasty dry fruits and warm ghee. The end result of all these ingredients mixed with flour, are mouthfuls of heaven!! The best thing is when you make it once a year and wait a whole year to have a bite of it once again. Making... Continue Reading →

Mango Banana Workout Milkshake

A perfect pre-cardio or post strength training milkshake for me! (I'm not a nutritionist, please check with your trainer/nutritionist before you follow it as advise) This deliciously milkshake is high on flavour and is packed with tons of goodness 🙂 Mango is LOVE and a great start to the day. There are enough and more reasons... Continue Reading →

Blackberry Ice-Cream Smoothie

Now I know that smoothies are tinted with healthy feels. But once in a while, it's fun to have a smoothie in all it's glory! I picked up blackberries during one of my travels and having been calling them in from friends and family any time they come over 😛 So this time around, I... Continue Reading →

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