10 Beautiful Christmas Trees from European Christmas Markets to Brighten Up Your Festivities

Old Town Brno, Czech Republic St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest, Hungary Town Hall Bratislava, Slovakia Prague Castle, Czech Republic Vienna, Austria Brno, Czech Republic Bratislava, Slovakia Castle District Budapest, Hungary Hauptbahnhof Vienna, Austria Vörösmarty Tér Budapest, Hungary If you liked the pictures, share it with your loved ones and drop us a comment 🙂 Check us... Continue Reading →

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever!

Having tried various recipes from some stalwarts, I've finally arrived at the perfect chocolate cake recipe! Rich, moist and as chocolate-y as it gets! Plus a Bonus Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe you'll love 😀

Camping With Fireflies!

Camping under the stars is an other-worldly feeling, But when the stars come down, And twinkle around you It's an inexplicable feeling! Read on to Know About Our Experience of Having Witnessed Nature's Nocturnal Spectacle

White Sauce Pasta With A Twist!

Adding an interesting twist to the regular white sauce pasta! Also includes the recipe to my classic white sauce. This one is so easy and impressive, everyone from first-timers to seasoned cooks will love it!

Almond Choco Cookie-wich

Ingredients For the Cookie Confectioners' sugar - 100 gmsAlmond flour - 250 gmsEgg whites - from 3 eggsSalt - 1/8 tspCaster sugar - 20 gmsCocoa powder (unsweetened) - 30 gms For the Filling Cream Cheese (softened) - 250 gmsButter (unsalted & softened) - 100 gmsConfectioner's Sugar - 150- 200 gms (if the frosting is loose, add more)Salt... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Baking

On a warm Sunday afternoon, the smell of freshly baked muffins fill my kitchen and crawl into the living room where Rahul is watching TV. He is in fact patiently waiting for the oven to ping! We've spent all afternoon, making some delicious batter, discussing how much cinnamon is too much and finally testing a... Continue Reading →

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