Perfect Waffle Recipe

Heylo! Heylo! Dropping in to add a recipe to the blog after a long time. It's been a slow season in the kitchen these past few months. But when we perfect a recipe, we're more than excited to share it with our readers. To be fair though, you will need to invest in a waffle... Continue Reading →

Fluffy Lemon Pancakes

Pancakes are an absolute weekend favorite in our household! I usually end up whipping up a batch with whatever flavours I have handy. This time it was a bunch of fresh and vibrant lemon peels! All you need to up the aroma and taste, is an zest from a whole lemon. For getting that perfect... Continue Reading →

Sweet Mango Curry (Mambazham Kootan)

Jump to recipe Mangoes are love!! They're versatile, come in a number of varieties and make for a delicious flavour not only in desserts, but in savoury dishes too. If you haven't discovered the joy of sweet mangoes with red chilies, then you're up for a treat! Also if you've found your pick of fresh... Continue Reading →

An Ode to my Grandparents

Some Relationships are a Privilege of Your Birth Warm, innocent smilesExtra tight hugs,Always remembering to make your favourite dish,Being brazenly proud of your most trivial achievements,Filling your childhood with unending love, kisses and happiness... Grandparents are the best gift one can get. My oldest memory with them is a faded one, it's of Tatha and... Continue Reading →

Aquafaba Strawberry Mousse (Vegan)

Hello there! If the word aquafaba brought you to this blog post then, you're going to end up very very happy! Let's start with the basics, 'cause this recipe needs some understanding. But once you have the right information, it's easy-peasy! What is Aquafaba? Most answers on the internet will tell you that aquafaba is... Continue Reading →

Red-Velvet Cheesecake Blondies

Jump to recipe Have you ever wondered what it is about re-velvet that makes it a special occasion dessert? The obvious answer is probably it's colour. It does stand out among the browns. Then there's the texture which is where it gets it's name from. A festive treat in any form. This my favourite recipe... Continue Reading →

Mushroom in Kashmiri Yakhni Gravy

A special recipe from the pristine valleys of Kashmir. This recipe is credited partly to a Kashmiri acquaintance, my obsession of ordering Nadru (lotus steam) in Yakhni gravy at every opportunity and my research of various blogs and write ups on Yakhni gravy and its evolution from Turkish/Greek cuisine to Kashmiri cuisine. A slow cooked dish, without the strong masalas, Indianized over time, yet maintaining its origins, that's Yakhni Gravy for you. My version is sans any onion or garlic.

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