Sweet Mango Curry (Mambazham Kootan)

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Mangoes are love!! They’re versatile, come in a number of varieties and make for a delicious flavour not only in desserts, but in savoury dishes too.

If you haven’t discovered the joy of sweet mangoes with red chilies, then you’re up for a treat! Also if you’ve found your pick of fresh and pulpy mangoes, keep a couple aside for this recipe.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed cooking all my favourite mango dishes during the Mumbai summers. The only reason I look forward to summers! From Tea cakes, to Cheesecakes; from Raw Mango rice, to this lip-smacking curry you’ll find all the recipes on our website.

This dish was introduced to me by Maa (Rahul’s Mum) and I’ve been savouring it for the past few summers. However, no thanks to Covid, this year would’ve been a miss…except that I asked Maa for the recipe. And then made on two consecutive weekends!

Lately, I’ve been trying to add authentic South Indian recipes that are family favourites to the blog, ones that are so expertly prepared by both moms. Hopefully, this blog will turn out to be a repertoire of their recipes which I can have handy and share with you all.

This is a Kerala style recipe, so expect wholesome taste! Also, it goes well with a traditionally prepared beans poriyal.

Savory Mango Dish

Let’s Get Cooking…


Serves 3-4


Sweet & Pulpy Alphanso Mangoes: 2-3 small

Methi (fenugreek) seeds: 1/2 tsp

Dry Red Chili: 1-2

Shredded Fresh Coconut: 2 tbsp

Curd: 2-3 tbsp

Haldi (Turmeric) powder: 1/4 tsp

Oil: 1/2 tsp

Rai (mustard) seeds: 1/2 tsp

Curry leaves: 3-4

Salt to taste


Slice the Mangoes length-wise with the the skin. We will also be using the seed part.

In a vessel, fill enough water to cover the mangoes. Add haldi (turmeric) powder and salt to this. Bring it until the mango pulp looks cooked. Strain the water and keep it aside for using later.

Cool the mangoes and remove the pulp from the skin and the seed. Make a smoother pulp by pulsing it in a mixer.

Heat oil in a pan and add methi (fenugreek) seeds and chilies. Roast it for about 2-3 minutes.

Make a paste with fenugreek seeds, chilies and coconut nut.

Add this paste and the mango pulp to the water used of cooking mangoes.

Add the curd and mix well. Add salt, if required.

Do not let it boil, else the curd will curdle.

Splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves in hot oil (coconut oil works well) and garnish the Sweet Mango Curry.

Serve with rice and beans poriyal.

If you try out this recipe, please write to us in the comments or share your pictures with us!

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Sweet Mango Curry (Mambazham Kootan)

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