Aquafaba Strawberry Mousse (Vegan)

Hello there! If the word aquafaba brought you to this blog post then, you’re going to end up very very happy!

Let’s start with the basics, ’cause this recipe needs some understanding. But once you have the right information, it’s easy-peasy!

What is Aquafaba?

Most answers on the internet will tell you that aquafaba is the water/liquid drained from chickpeas.

Simple? Yes, if you use canned chickpeas.

But not that simple if you, like me, make it from scratch.

It isn’t just the water you cook chickpeas in and then drain out. If it doesn’t have the viscous bit, then essentially you have no aquafaba to work with.

Aquafaba when whipped, is equivalent to egg whites and can be used as a substitute for it. That’s why it is the perfect vegan alternative in recipes demanding egg whites.

Whipped Aquafaba
How to make Aquafaba at home from scratch?

Follow these simple steps to the T, and you’ll thank me 😉

  1. Soak 250 gms of chickpeas in water overnight or for 8 hrs
  2. Drain this water.
  3. Cover the soaked chickpeas with 500 ml water and cook until the chickpeas are soft
  4. If using a pressure cooker, cook for 10-12 whistles
  5. Let it sit in the cooker for about 2 hours
  6. Place a colander over a vessel and drain out the chickpeas in the colander. Collect the water in the vessel.
  7. Let it strain for another 2 hours
  8. You should now end with the Aquafaba (Liquid with viscous bits in it)

Once you have the Aquafaba, freeze it in your ice tray or a container. Before using it, thaw it in the refrigerator over-night. With this amount of Aquafaba, you should be able to whip up 4-6 servings of mousse.

How to use Aquafaba?

While there are many different recipes out there from meringues to macaroons, I have only ever tried making mousse and after many attempts, have perfected it.

I use it to make no/low-carb desserts with other vegan ingredients or simply to satisfy our late night dessert cravings.

Now that I’ve told you all the important bits about Aquafaba…

Let’s Get Whisking…

Vegan Aquafaba Strawberry Mousse



Aquafaba: 50 ml
Strawberries: 250 gms
Jaggery powder: 4-5 tsps
(You can substitute it with unrefined sugar, regular sugar or brown sugar)
Mint: 5-6 leaves or you can add a few drops of flavour/essence
Coconut cream/thick coconut milk:3 tbsps


We’ll start with making a regular strawberry compote. But I refrain from adding lemon juice as strawberries are naturally sweet & sour. Add chopped strawberries and jaggery powder/sugar to a pan and keep it at medium heat till the strawberries attain a jam like texture. Once done, take it off the heat and keep some aside for topping the mousse later. Add the coconut milk/cream to the rest of the strawberry compote. Also add the mint leaves/flavour. Let this come to room temperature. Adding anything to the aquafaba while it’s still hot will deflate the whisked aquafaba.

Take Aquafaba in a mixing bowl, keep the bowl tilted as you whisk it so that it whisks the entire liquid. Using an electric hand whisk, start at speed 1 for a minute. Then gradually keep increasing the speed every minute until you reach 5/7 whichever is the maximum speed on your whisk. Continue at this speed until you’ve reached 12-14 mins if whisking. At this time your Aquafaba should have whisked to stiff peaks.

Now add a few scoops of the whisked aquafaba to the strawberry compote mixture and gently mix it with a spatula, so that the the mixture is fully incorporated into it.

Add this to the remaining aquafaba and mix as gently as possible. Don’t worry if the aquafaba starts to deflate a little bit. It will end up in a slightly pourable consistency though not watery.

Transfer it to serving bowls and refrigerate for a couple of hours if consuming immediately. Else freeze it and then thaw it in the refrigerator before eating.

That’s it, your guilt-free, vegan, strawberry mousse is ready. You can add some melted chocolate if you like, just before serving.

Served Chilled!

If you try out this recipe, please write to us in the comments or share your pictures with us!

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Aquafaba Strawberry-Coconut Mousse

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