Mango Tea Cake (Vegan / Eggless)

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Eggless Mango Tea Cake

What comes to mind when you hear “Indian Summer”? Mangoes would definitely make the top 5 of that list!

We love mangoes so much that we make mango versions of everything – ice creams, sheera, milk shakes, shrikhands and the list goes on. We, too, want to celebrate it’s flavours through the various recipes like the rest of the country, which you will find on our blog. What better than bringing the glamorous mango and the homely tea cake together to get a delicious flavour that you can easily pair up with your breakfast or afternoon beverage.

But inventing a dish with Mangoes isn’t easy. Because of the natural sugars in mango and the texture of its pulp, there are many things that could go wrong in paring it with a tea cake. But we tested multiple batches and came up with a fail-proof version of this mouth watering dish.

Once you try it, trust us that it will become a seasonal affair!

Home-made Simple Tea Cake


Makes: 1 loaf


Dry Ingredients
All purpose flour/ Maida: 120
Wheat flour: 60 gms
Caster Sugar: 180 gms
Baking Powder: 1 tsp
Baking Soda: 1/4 tsp
Salt: 1/4 tsp

Wet Ingredients
Mango Pulp: 1 large Mango approx 250-300 gms
Oil: 120 ml
Vinegar: 1 tsp (I used apple cider vinegar which worked well and blended in with the flavour)
Water: 120 ml or more as required


In a bowl whisk the Mango Puree and sugar till the sugar dissolves. Add oil and mix well.

In another bowl sift in all purpose flour, wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Mix it thoroughly so that all the ingredients are well combined.
(Tip: Mixing dry ingredients is a crucial step in baking to ensure that the baking soda and powder are well spread throughout the flour. Sifting also ensures this.)

With a spatula, mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients. Add the dry mixture in parts to make sure that it is properly combined.

Add in apple cider vinegar and water to prepare the batter.
(Optionally, you can also play with additional flavours here, like adding a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom or a spoon of shredded coconut)

Pre-heat the oven at 180°C. Grease a 10×4 inch tin loaf or an equal size variant. Cover the bottom with baking paper. Pour in the batter. It should come to half the height of the tin. Tap the baking tin on the counter to ensure the batter is evenly spread.

Bake for 40 mins at 180°C. Poke the centre all the way through to check that it’s done. Don’t worry about the cracks. This a very home-made rustic version!

Once baked, let the cake cool in the tin for 15-20 mins. De-mould and cool on a rack, then cut into thick slices. Optionally, before cutting you could drizzle the top with sugar gaze.

Your delicious Mango Tea (or Coffee) Cake is ready to serve!

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Eggless Tea Cake

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