Pictures in the Time of Fast Travel

Walking through the cobbled streets of Europe, with every street corner calling out for a photo opportunity.


An afternoon by the banks of the Beas river in Manali.

Selfie 1, Selfie 2, Selfie 3…
Selfie 3 looks good!
Check -in “…is enjoying in Manali”
Momentary joy, moving on.

Today, there is something called photo etiquette in public places. You cannot hound a landmark where everyone wants to be clicked and it’s an unsaid rule to allow a picture to be clicked before you walk across their frame.

Truly, travelling has entered a new era with photos almost changing the way we travel. It’s not just the travel bloggers, Instagrammers or those on Pinterest, it’s every person who goes on a vacation today. You cannot imagine travelling without taking tons of pictures, right? Starting from the views outside the plane’s window, to the first views of the destination to magical sunsets and delicious dishes, the DSLR and Smart Phone carefully captures it all and stores it safe in its memory.

But how long does it stay in your memory?

The fact that we like to pictorially document our travels has made us more aware of our surroundings when we travel. We notice things we wouldn’t have otherwise paid attention to, like the colours of the sky or the intricate carvings on pillars, the patterns in the sand or a brightly coloured door. We capture the moment in the click of button and freeze it for eternity. We can look at the picture anytime and it would instantly transport us back to the day, time and the emotion of that moment.

But doesn’t the next vacation easily replace the memory of the previous one?

In these times of fast travel, there is barely any time to look back on past memories. The enthusiasm of an upcoming trip to the hills soon takes over the joys of the last beach vacation and you barely have the time to scroll through the 100 odd pictures you took on your week away, right? As much as you would want to, you won’t scroll to your vacation pictures from 2015 or dig them out from the memory card of your camera.

But what does bring back that moment is the picture on the bed side table or the one in the corner of your living room or the string of pictures on your favourite wall.

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There’s no denying the multitude of pictures clicked for the “gram”, to post on social media and to get the immediate gratification and validation that comes with it. It’s arguably true, that many a times, in the frenzy to click pictures with perfect backdrops and lighting, the moment passes.

But, there is always that one innocent picture in every trip, which is your favourite from that trip, the one that encapsulates your connection with the destination or the special moment on the trip that you shared with your friends or family.

Somewhere in this whirlwind of pictures, it is easy to forget those little joys, those little moments that created memories. Those pictures are personal and though they may not be perfect to upload, they certainly deserve their little corner in our house.

Just like there is joy in reading a book versus reading it online, so there is in printing that special memory to remind you of how you felt by the lakeside on your vacation.

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