Mango Smoothie Bowl

We’ve been tripping on aamras for generations now! Almost everyone we know loves that sinful bowl of yumminess 😋 But we can’t keep gulping down bowl fulls of aamras, can we!

So here’s our tried and tested smoothie bowl, a healthy alternative. And now you can have mangoes for breakfast too 😄. But what makes this smoothie bowl such a winner is the combination of flavours.

Imagine that classic apple-pie flavour popping up in your spoon, crunchy almond slivers adding to the texture and of course spoonfuls of delicious, natural mango flavour. Now if that’s not a winner, I don’t know what is!

Serves 2


Alphonso Mangoes: 3
Apple: 1
Yogurt: 3/4 cup
Almonds: 10-15
Honey: 2 tbsps
Cinnamon: 1/2 tsp
Butter: 2 tsps

Additional Toppings
Fresh, Grated Coconut
Flax seeds

Mango Smoothie Bowl


Puree the mangoes and keep them chilled until use. Whisk the yogurt smooth. If using curd, leave out the whey and whisk the curd alone till it is smooth. Pour this into the mango puree and continue to keep it chilled.

Thinly slice the apple. Heat a pan on low and melt the butter in it. Make sure you are patient with it, don’t let the butter burn. Place the apple slices in the pan, top it with cinnamon powder and drizzle honey. When the apples soften take it off the heat.

Cut the Almonds length-wise or use slivers if you have. Toss it in the same pan and roast for a few mins till they caramelize.

Now assemble it in a bowl. Place some of the apples at the bottom. Pour the mango smoothie on it. Top it with apple slices and some freshly grated coconut.

It’s a helluva smoothie bowl and definitely a hit!

You could also serve it as a healthy dessert in smaller cups 😍

Give us a shout if you do try it.

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Mango Smoothie Bowl with Apple Rose

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