Mango Banana Workout Milkshake

A perfect pre-cardio or post strength training milkshake for me!
(I’m not a nutritionist, please check with your trainer/nutritionist before you follow it as advise)

This deliciously milkshake is high on flavour and is packed with tons of goodness 🙂

Mango is LOVE and a great start to the day.

There are enough and more reasons to try this milkshake when the king of fruits is in season 😉

Serves: 2


Mango: 2 small or 1 regular sized
Banana: 1 regular sized
Milk: 1 cup
Almonds: 8-10 soaked and peeled
Raw Honey/Maple Syrup 2 tbsps
Few cubes of ice


Peel and cut the mangoes and banana.

Roughly slice up the almonds. Keep some aside for garnish.

Blend all the ingredients together with a few cubes of ice.

Serve chilled garnished with cubes of mangoes and crushed almonds!

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