Blueberries & Oats (Low Cholesterol) Superfood Smoothie

Blueberries are an absolute favourite in our household. Not only is it a tasty fruit, it’s a SUPERFOOD too.

If you do not find fresh ones, you can use frozen or dried. Contrary to popular belief, frozen or dried versions do not lack any of the health benefits found in fresh ones.

Packed with antioxidants, zero cholesterol and high in fibre, this smoothie will lift your spirits and moods up 😉

If you don’t have enough blueberries, you could use a mix of berries which you have handy.

Serves: 2


Blueberries: One cup fresh or frozen
Oats: Half cup cooked instant oats
(If you don’t want it to be heavy, skip the oats and add 1/2 cup curd/yogurt instead)
Milk: 1.5 cups
Honey: 2-3 tbsps
Few cubes of ice


Cook the oats in water and allow it to cool.

Roughly slice the blueberries.

Once cooled, add the oats, blueberries/mixed berries, milk, honey and blend together with a few cubes of ice.

Serve chilled garnished with whole blueberries!

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