A Dram of Scotch, The Glenlivet Tour!

We are whisky lovers, we are in the land of Scotch whisky and we have the whole array of distilleries to choose from and lay our hands on the world’s best spirits! We had planned a wonderful day in the Cairngorms National Park which houses a bunch of the world famous Distilleries. To start off the day we chose the Glenlivet Distillery, one of the finest Speyside distilleries.

Rahul in the midst of what he loves! Glenlivet, Scotland

First up, I must make a mention of the drive to and the location of Glenlivet. We passed through some of the most scenic roads and arrived at the Livet valley which is the birth place of some of the best Scotch whisky in the world.

Scenic Routes to Glenlivet, Speyside Scotland

We know our whiskies, yes. But one can never know enough! Being a weekday, we got a personalized tour of this charming, timeless, place. The staff is warm and welcoming. The fruity aromas were getting to us and we were excitedly off on this hour long tour. Unfortunately, though we were told that photography is not allowed inside the distillery.

An Impressive Artwork at the Glenlivet Distillery

We got a taste straight out of the cask of a 60% ABV beauty and a dram of it! We also could collect out own miniatures of the 12yrs, 15 yrs and 18 yrs produce. We of course picked a special bottle.

      A Rich History Bottled by the Man in the Portrait, Mr.George Smith

The distillery has a cafe to grab a bite and an exhibition to take you through their interesting history. You can even hike up to Josie’s Well which is where they get their fresh spring water perennially, giving their whisky its unique taste.

P.s. A Dram is a local Scottish measure that was used until the metric system was adopted. From what our guide at the distillery told us a Dram is a hearty pour of Scotch whisky, measured at 3 fingers height or about 50 ml, poured at one go! You could still enter a Scottish pub, ask for a Dram of whisky and if you’re lucky, you might just get a pour larger than 25 or 35 ml 😉

The Area Around is also Good for Hiking, Glenlivet Scotland

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