Isle of Skye, A Piece of Scottish Heaven

Day 1

Having travelled the circuit from Edinburgh-Dundee-Aberdeen-Elgin-Inverness, we made our way into the Kyle of Localsh. This town is the entry point to the stunning Isle of Skye. After a long day of driving and the rain Gods pouring down on us through most of the drive, we needed to refuel ourselves. We stopped at Kyle for a delicious meal of Baked Camembert and were off again to complete the last stretch of drive to one of the farthest towns in Skye-Dunvegan.

Mad Rains Welcomed Us At Kyle of Lochalsh
Driving on the Skye Bridge, Isle of Skye

One hell of a foggy, twilight drive later we reached Minnie’s room. It has the best views ever! You got to see it to believe it. Resting ourselves for the day we chatted about this crazy drive from bright sunny weather to chilly winds to pouring rains and from flat lands to Lochs to barren snow-capped mountains. What a day we’d had on the road!


Bedroom views from Minnie’s room – Dunvegan, Scotland

Up and running the next day, we were pampered with the best cheese, croissants, fresh fruits and a lovely chat with the owner. She lives in another house in the same compound and was so warm and nice to us.

Day 2

We left with some excitement today, we had built an image of Skye being this magical, heavenly place and how true was it! We explored the various treks it offered, from the Quiraing to the Old Man of Storr. Both treks are unique. The Quiraing trek is flatter and rewards the trekker with some amazing views. The Storr on the other hand takes you higher up, closer to the Old Man of Storr


We were awestruck by the end-of the world feeling at Kilt Rock and to learn that archaeologists had found Dinosaur fossils here. Imagine walking on the exact same piece land where those primeval creatures once roamed.


The Neist Point Light house was a thrill of a lifetime mainly because we truly experienced how it like to almost be blown off into the sea by strong winds and having to yell to be heard.


We had most of the Isle of Skye to ourselves as we were travelling on weekdays. The few  people we did passed on our treks greeted us with the sweetest smile and a courtesy “Hello, (followed by weather talk)!”. In Mumbai, if I were to greet every passer-by, I’d never be done with it 😀


We made Portree our base for the night. Here we were staying at Fasgadh, where the family let’s out their extra bedroom for guests. I have only done this in recent years where I stay with locals in their houses and it’s the best thing ever. As an outsider to a country or place, you get to know so much by just spending a day with them. Might I add they have the cutest four-year old!

We spent our evening in the town, treated ourselves to local whiskey.

Roads Less Travelled, Isle of Skye

Day 3

This was the last leg of our Scottish road trip before we were back in Edinburgh for the weekend. Driving along lakes, streams and waterfalls we made our way through one of the world’s most beautiful routes. We started off  based on the local’s suggestions and went for short walks finding ruins and hidden gems like the Dun Beag Broch. Brochs are stone towers found in the Scottish islands and near-by regions. They were once used as storage and at times even for residing.


Skye is filled with stories of clans, fighting and protecting it’s people, keeping up their traditions many decades later too. The Eliean Donan Castle is one such story of clan lore that is being upheld even today by the current generation of the MacRae family. It is one of the most photographed castles of Scotland and has famously made an appearance in many movies over the years. When you visit it you will see why it is so popular. The location is just so perfect! We were thankful for the castle tour as it meant that we could sneak in a bit of warmth and dry ourselves.

The Famous Glennfinn Viaduct Behind Me Where The Hogwarts Express Passes

We made our way next to the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct (Potterhead alert!). This is the location through which the Hogwarts Express famously passes every year ferrying young wizards from Platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland. Unfortunately, this was not the season to take a train ride. But I made a worthy picture here for sure! You can also visit the Glenfinnan monument which is on the opposite side of the road.

Lake Lochan, Glencoe

We continued on our way to Glencoe. Glencoe is a valley with volcanic origins and is the perfect mix of Skye and Highland topography. The drive on A82 and A811 is magnificent, one of those once-in-a-lifetime road trips. It has lush forests and full lakes while the roads also house barren mountains with snow-caps! While in Glencoe, we had to visit Loch Lomond for a nature walk. Once again we had barely anyone else around in the area surrounding the lake. We soaked in the stillness and silence that we, as city dwellers rarely get to enjoy. That’s the beauty of surrounding oneself with nature from time to time. One needs to learn to enjoy the ‘nothingness’ in things!

We made it just in time to watch the ruckus of orange & grey colours in the setting sky at Stirling Castle. Although we did not get to explore the castle from within, we had a taste of its glory from the sheer structure of it.

Yet Another Dramatic Sunset, Views From Stirling Castle

The amazing road trip across Highlands and Lowlands, Lochs and Glens, sunny, snowy and rainy weather was now at its end. Check out my post tracing our road trip across this beautiful country.

Itinerary for 2 Days in Isle of Skye

Day 1: Neist Point Light house, Dunvegan Castle, The Quiraing, The Storr, Kilt Rock

Day 2: Eliean Donan Castle, Fairy pools, Talisker Distillery

You will be swayed by the views of Skye even if you do not stop each touristy point.

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