Why Meghalaya Should be Your Next Couple Travel Destination

Imagine being huddled in blankets outside a luxury tent in Cherrapunjee, munching hot snacks and sipping warm regional tea.

Swimming in natural pools and drying yourselves out on a boulder as butterflies swarm around.

Singing your favourite classic song together in a cafe as you savour Thukpa and Shillong-style Noodles.

Or an exclusive sunset at one of the most picturesque lakes in India.

Rahul and I have been travelling together for some years now, but Meghalaya was one of the first trips we made immediately after getting married. I cannot put a finger on it, but it definitely brought out some aspects of us as travellers and more so as couple travellers that we hadn’t experienced before.

Check out a detailed itinerary here

If imagining the above didn’t make you want to pack your bags already, here are some reasons which will make you want to sweep your bae off for a different kind of vacation!

1. Learn About A New Culture Together

We spent the first day trying to read and understand the Khasi language which is commonly written in English but isn’t spoken the same way. We knew about the exceptional fashion sense of the locals but had to see it with our own eyes. During Easter weekend, everyone was in their Sunday Best 😉 Not to forget their ultra-cool haircuts! We also spent time talking to people and learning about their history and traditions, which you will hardly find mentions of while schooling.

We had long conversations about our new learning and it definitely opened up Culture Travel as a theme for us.

Traditionally Dressed Khasi Women, Meghalaya

2. Enjoy Cozy Days in the Middle of Nowhere

The days we spent in Cherrapunji will always be special to us. Not just because we had total privacy in a climate like no other, but also because we did absolutely nothing from early evenings to early mornings. We just enjoyed sitting out on the bench, sipping on hot tea and warming whiskies. The sights of mountains covered in clouds, the chill in the air that makes you want to huddle up together and listen to soft music, gazing at stars on clear nights, all these made our time there extra-special.

Most stays in Cherrapunji are in secluded locations. We stayed at Cafe Cherrpunjee.

                Warm tea on cosy evenings in Cherapunjee

3. A Unique Travel Story for the Generations

The Double-Decker Living Root Bridge trek, had both of us looking out for each other. We pushed one another when we had to walk on the lanky bridge over gushing waters below. We came with our own milestones while climbing back up the 3500 steps and kept our spirits up by goofing around. On the way back, we decided to take a dip in the pond and walk across boulders in water instead of taking the bridge.

Having trekked together before, this one was different. It had both of us being Travel Partners in a different sense, sharing the pains and achievements of an arduous trek! It is something we both experienced together as a couple and I’m sure we will never get tired of repeating our stories to our future kids and grand-kids someday!

              An Epic Trek Story and Our Second India Border :)

4. Try A New Cuisine Together

Of course, you can get the usual food fare like any other city in India. (read: North Indian food, Pizzas, Burgers, etc.) But trying a completely different cuisine is something that is a whole lot of fun together! We had our share of “love it” and “never eating that again”. But we did develop some new tastes that we try to catch up on eating whenever we get the chance.

Local cuisine in Shillong

5. Experience New Adventurers Together

Whether it is caving or zip-lining or simply climbing tree bridges, we had a whale of a time trying it and experiencing it together. We still go through the pictures and reminisce it time and again. Meghalaya isn’t a place too many people have gone to yet and when we travelled, no one we knew had done so. So our experiences was something very exclusive to us. It wasn’t like the times you would sit around a table and sat “me too” when someone talks about a familiar place or experience.

        Hiking waterfalls and caving together, Khasi hills - Meghalaya

Book That Flight!

I can go on and on, but to truly get the essence of what I am saying, one has to experience it them self. So all you adventurous couples and the not-so-adventures ones, plan your vacation or even honeymoon (why not?!) to Meghalaya and enjoy some unforgettable moments!

Happy Travelling….!

The Gorges of Meghalaya

Click here for a detailed itinerary

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