Why Colmar, France Should Be On Your Europe Backpacking List

Colmar is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. You cannot have dreamier visuals than here. And the stories in each of its cobbled streets are sure to encapsulate anyone who lands here.

As someone who likes history, I make it a point to learn the history of the place I visit. It is wonderful to know the stories that make a place what it is, and uniquely so. Imagine my joy when I came across the narratives for each beautiful structure were accounted on plaques. You would usually find informative plaques outside historic structures or so. In towns like Colmar, I would usually ask the locals where to go and what to see. But Colmar has so much to offer that outside every house that looks interesting, you will also find their equally interesting tales and those of their residents.

The reason I was glad about this was because of it being a weekend and the day of the annual Colmar Marathon, there was not a soul to be found in the streets of the town. The whole crowd was gathered along the main route of the race, leaving me and a few scattered tourists to freely roam around their picturesque town, patiently clicking the mesmerizing architecture and to grab a pretzel or two on the go without having to queue up in the cafes.

Roaming the cobbled streets of Colmar was a joy to say the least. Colmar houses the original works and residence of Bartholdi who famously crafted the Statue of Liberty and other artworks that are installed across the world. It also served as the temporary residence of Voltaire, the French renaissance philosopher. Colmar has other architectural gems like the 12th century Dominican church, Pfiser house, the House of Heads, St. Matrin’s Collegiate Church belonging to the 13th & 14th century and sculptures of people of the past who made this town what it is. They also have a petite Venice where you can enjoy a Gondola ride.


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But what captured my imagination the most were the shops, houses and streets. So colourful, dreamy and fairytale-like. There are pretty little bakeries where I filled myself up with a lot of fresh bakes. Strolled into shops that had the most interesting displays. And on the walk back to the train station, I stopped to cheer the participants of the Colmar Annual Marathon with the locals. After the presentation ceremony, the crowd erupted into a dance with the DJ spinning some EDM in the central park. And so I danced in Colmar with a cheesy pretzel in one hand, backpack on my shoulders, light drizzle of rain on me and the widest smile on my face!

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I wish for everyone to experience Colmar the way I did, and for myself to go back there to continue my romance with Alsace. Check out Part I of my Alsace story too.

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