Delicious Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Pumpkin soup is my go-to soup when I crave something yummy, creamy and yet healthy. It’s filling and satiates the taste buds without making me feel like I had ‘just soup’ -The Perfect Comfort Food.

My mom’s classic recipe this one; it’s a family favourite!

A side of olive/focaccia bread works perfectly with this soup.

It’s food for the soul! Try the recipe and let us know your reactions 🙂

Serves: 2


Pumpkin: 500 gms small red pumpkin (or squash)
Onion: 1 medium-sized (white onions are better)
Garlic: 4-5 pods of garlic
Oil: 3 tbsp (neutral oil is preferred over flavoured oil)
Chilli flakes: 1-2 tsps
Sea salt: 1 tsp
Water: 1-2 cups
Salt to taste (optional)
Fresh cream: 1-2 tbsp (optional)


Roughly peel and cut the pumpkin. Thinly slice the onion.

Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a pan. When the oil is hot enough add the pumpkin pieces to it. Using a pan ensures that all the pieces of pumpkin are cooked evenly.

We want to cook the pumpkins until they caramelise i.e. starts browning at the edges.

Caramelised Pumpkin

Take the pumpkin off the heat and let it cool a bit.

Add the last tbsp of oil to the pan. Add sliced onions to the pan and caramelise it too. Keep some aside for garnishing.

Add peeled garlic pods, cooked onion & pumpkin pieces, chilli flakes and sea salt to a blender and make a puree of it.

Boil the pumpkin puree. Add water at this stage depending on how thick you want the soup to be. Add more salt if required. Put off the heat and add a tablespoon of fresh cream.

Garnish with caramelised onions & chilli flakes. Serve hot!

If you try out this recipe, please write to us in the comments or share your pictures with us!

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Delicious Pumpkin Soup Served with the Choicest Topping!

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