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Hello there, welcome to our world!

We are Mridula and Rahul, college sweethearts, best of buddies and now married since 2016! We have been travelling together since the time we started dating and knew that we would be doing a lot more of it once we were married. And so we did!

Travelling for us is more than just pictures and places. We’d call ourselves travel nerds, ’cause when we get back from a destination, we bring back a part of its history, culture, the people, the food and the brews! We’d probably be discussing the story & the myths about a monument, the local views on politics, what our guide or may be the taxi driver told us about the most popular dessert! These things form part of our travel tales.

But MilesBitesandSoul, as you can probably guess from the name, has more parts of our lives than just the pretty destinations.

We love doing things together and a major chunk of that is trying out new experiments in our kitchen. We just cannot compromise on the food we eat and so try and cook most of our meals ourselves. On a busy work day, it’s our way of spending some time together while making sure that neither one tires out. Plus we really enjoy coming up with different dishes every other day!

Want To Know More About Us?


Invermoriston Falls, Scotland

Travelling has been part of growing up. My family has taken me around the country as a child and that probably instilled wanderlust in me. Having a soul mate who is also the perfect travel mate, just makes it that much more easier to pack a bag and hit the road together! I love learning about the history of the place so I end up wanting to go to all the sites that have a story to it. Nature excites me and I will always be up for a hike.

Travelling has exposed me to a lot of different cuisines. My mom has always been an experimental cook. She can cook a traditional meal as easily as a new recipe she made up to use the left-overs (which we wouldn’t have a clue of!). Inspired by her, I end up adding a variation to any dish I cook. So my recipe will usually be my version of a classic dish or something I just made-up on my own. I love bringing together unique flavours, so I test a lot of combinations before I come up with a recipe. Baking is pure joy for me.


I’m a Marketing professional and a sports nerd ! I’m also the sous-chef, taster and critique in this journey and, the one who keeps up with her pace and reminds her to slow down sometimes! Give me some good coffee or even better, good scotch and you have all my attention.

I grew up in Dubai, a melting pot of cultures with expats making up a large part of the population. So, different cultures, people, the history & stories of countries have always interested me. To me, travelling is more than just the sights & photographs. I enjoy slow travelling and absorbing the place and the vibe unique to each of those.

Food for me has always been a priority, but not to the extent it is today! I love that cooking is something we do together, whether it is baking a stunner of a cake on weekends or cooking bitter-gourd in my style and making her eat it!

Glenlivet Distillery, Scotland

We are not promising a journey of people who have quit their jobs to travel. Neither will we ever. We both love our jobs as much as we love travelling for leisure. You will find realistic travel ideas and decently budgeted trips on our blog, filled with anecdotes of our journey of course.
And for the foodies, you will find easy recipes for those with 9-5 jobs, a lot of desserts and bakes, and some times healthy versions of popular dishes!
We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy creating it!

You can check out our posts and pictures on Instagram and Facebook too!

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  1. Hi Mridula, a good start. Looking forward to reading more. Good luck.
    Ashok Sathyanathan


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